Fiction Portfolio

as Meg Murray


"Dead Things in the Garden" Thanatos Review, Grief & Grieving Issue, forthcoming

"The Witch in the Woods Who Sold the Spark" Crow & Cross Keys, January 2023


"Feathers and Ash" Cloaked Press, FAUNA: Winter of Wonder Anthology, December 2022

"Ponte Selvaggio" Tree And Stone Magazine, Queer As F*, Issue 2, October 2022

"Raspberried" 101 Words, July 2022

"Born in the Watchmaker's Garden" HyphenPunk Magazine, Issue 4, June 2022

"The Tale of Starling" Pumpernickel HouseIssue 1: The Blue Door, May 2022

"Dental Hygiene on Orbital Station #57" Solarpunk Magazine, April Micro Fiction Contest Winner, May 2022

"Luna Britannia" For Page & Screen Magazine, Issue 1: New Beginnings, Jan 2022


“Yoko and the Sunbeam Garden” TL;DR Press, GROWTH: A Speculative Young Adult Anthology, Aug 2021

Details on these stories below:

"Dead Things in the Garden"

Speculative Fiction (Sci Fi), 330 words


"The Witch in the Woods Who Sold the Spark"

Speculative Fiction, 1400 words

"Feathers and Ash"

Speculative Fiction (Fantasy), 3000 words

"Ponte Selvaggio"

Speculative Fiction (Eco Sci Fi), 4600 words


Fiction, 101 words

in 101 Words

Read online at 101 Words (July 2022)

Story Description:

This story is exactly 101 words long! It originally started as a poem. But as I was practicing flash fiction and micro fiction, I decided to turn the poem into a teeny tiny story. "Raspberried" is not as speculative as my other fiction stories. It deals with reflections on life and death and, of course, raspberries. My early title for it was "Bury Me With Raspberries" and I use the made-up word 'raspberried' at the end to convey this idea of the homonyms 'berry' and 'bury' that intrigued me.

"Born in the Watchmaker's Garden"

Speculative Fiction (Steampunk), 4000 words

in Issue 4 of HyphenPunk Magazine (June 2022)

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HyphenPunk Issue 4

Read online here:


Story Description:

In the workshop of a watchmaker, a mechanical fairy is born. Vinnie and the other clockwork fairy creations work in an orchid garden for the Maker. Learning to fly brings Vinnie more joy than taking care of the precious flowers, so she begins to test the boundaries of her freedom. My Clock-Punk fairy story was inspired by the true history of radioactive material used in watchmaking in the early 20th century, which I mixed with my love of rebellious characters. This is one of the first short stories I finished after deciding in 2016 that I would try writing fiction seriously. It's been through many, many iterations, workshops, and revisions. I'm thrilled that it found a home at HyphenPunk Magazine.

"The Tale of Starling"

Fantasy (Fairy Tale), 2300 words

in Issue 1: The Blue Door from Pumpernickel House (May 2022)

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Story Description:

After a seamstress dies, her orphaned teenage daughter gains a bothersome magical ability to summon twigs from her hands. She is forced to deal with the never-ending pile of branches and her growing fears of the outside world. This story originated from Round 1 of NYC Midnight's Short Story Challenge of 2022. I was assigned the genre 'fairy tale' with the subject prompt 'nidification' (which means 'nest-building') and 'a shut-in' for the character prompt. The story received 1st place from the NYC Midnight judges out of the 28 fairy tales in the group.

"Dental Hygiene on Orbital Station #57"

Science Fiction (Solarpunk), 250 words

Read online at Solarpunk Magazine (May 2022)

Story Description:

This is a story I literally started writing while brushing my teeth one night. It's also a story for everyone who loves caring for animals and knows the grief when pets are gone. I wrote it specifically with Solarpunk Magazine's Micro Fiction Contest in mind.

"Luna Britannia"

Science Fiction (Alternate History), 4100 words

in Issue 1: New Beginnings from For Page & Screen Magazine (Jan 2022)

The inaugural issue of the magazine is free to read online here: For Page & Screen Magazine

Story Description:

This alternate history sci-fi tale follows newlyweds Millie and Oscar as they journey into the unknown--towards a lunar colony and new understandings of each other. I originally wrote this as an origin story for the character of Millie, a young wife living in a British lunar colony at the turn of the 20th century. I envisioned her becoming an amateur sleuth, like a young Miss Marple. Someday, I might come back to her life on the moon with a possible mystery novella. 

“Yoko and the Sunbeam Garden”

YA Fantasy, 2900 words

in GROWTH, A Speculative Young Adult Anthology from TL;DR Press (Aug 2021)

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Buy the book here: Amazon paperback or Kindle version 

Story Description:

While looking at modern Japanese art, I had a vision of a young girl in a large concrete city, longing for nature and seeing the buildings as different types of flowers. I turned that mysterious image into the speculative fiction short story “Yoko and the Sunbeam Garden.” In my Intermediate Creative Writing: Fiction class, we were encouraged to experiment with the form of a story. I felt that the unconventional format I used in the story--starting each paragraph with the same word--played off of the unusual personality of the main character, Yoko, a girl with verbal limitations and magical abilities.

Unpublished Work

Fiction Work created while getting 
my minor degree in Creative Writing 
from Colorado State University:

"The Bright Side"

Science Fiction (unfinished)

Story Description:

“The Bright Side” is a look into the prequel events that happen long before my work-in-progress novel, The May Queen’s Daughter. This excerpt began as a writing exercise for my Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction course. The story sets up some of the science fiction elements that lead to the world-building of the far future novel. I have strong interest in science fiction related to pandemics and genetic engineering. These themes are central to the world of the novel I am currently writing.

Novel in Progress

 Title: The May Queen’s Daughter

Genre: Science Fiction novel

Pitch: In a medically advanced future, Willow

has to balance her duties as a religious figurehead 

with her desire to be a mother, which is forbidden.