Monday, September 19, 2022

Short Story Acceptance! "Ponte Selvaggio"

I was ecstatic to receive an acceptance this weekend on a speculative short story titled "Ponte Selvaggio" for Tree And Stone Magazine's next Queer As F* issue! This story started from an image in a dream: a red convertible car speeding across an aqueduct-style land bridge while the waves of a chaotic sea threatened to crash over the precarious structure.

With the help of many critique partners, the idea evolved over the years into a story about sea levels rising, food insecurity, and a sapphic couple trying to stay together through all the stress. The title translated from Italian is "Wild Bridge" inspired by the Mediterranean vibe and my year of Italian language classes in college.

The story was longlisted last fall during Uncharted Magazine’s first SFF story contest, but it didn’t go any further. I'm happy it found a home with Tree And Stone! Publication details to come soon. I believe the issue will be out in October.

Monday, September 5, 2022

Goodreads Author Approval

I've finally been approved as a Goodreads Author! (There's someone else using the name Meg Murray to self-publish through Amazon, so I had to get my books separated from hers first...)

Here's my Author page with three anthology/issue publication credits already added!