About Meg

    Meg Murray is the pen name of Megan Maulsby, a queer writer living in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her spouse, four children, and rescue dog named after Westley from The Princess Bride. After spending many years preoccupied with fertility and pregnancy, she enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy stories about the personal autonomy of women and their relationship with motherhood. She also writes speculative fiction about all things nature-related and eco-hopeful.

    Meg lived in Atlanta, Georgia from 2009 to 2020, then moved back to her hometown of Fort Collins. She completed a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts with a minor in Creative Writing from Colorado State University in December 2020. She is the owner of a traveling pop-up bookstore called On The Road Bookstore.

   Her stories are published in: 
More stories are forthcoming.
Find her on Twitter @MegMurrayWrites and on Goodreads.

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