Monday, October 31, 2022

Publication (early release): "Ponte Selvaggio" from Tree And Stone Magazine

The new Queer As F* Issue of Tree And Stone Magazine has been released on the magazine's Patreon page! Here's the amazing cover art:

I'm honored that my story "Ponte Selvaggio" is included in the issue. Support this great magazine and read the issue early by joining Tree And Stone as a Patreon subscriber!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Short Story Acceptance! "Feathers and Ash"

Very happy to announce that my story “Feathers and Ash” has been accepted by Cloaked Press for their upcoming Winter Of Wonder anthology titled FAUNA.

Inspired by the mythical phoenix, this story features a rebellious character (my favorite type). Both this story and "Ponte Selvaggio" began as images from dreams that I wrote down after waking up, and then many months later, molded into stories.

The anthology is scheduled to be published in December and will have a print edition!

Sunday, October 23, 2022

NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2022 Results

The results were released earlier this month for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction challenge. For the 2nd story challenge, I got 5th place in my group for my Suspense (Sci-Fi-ish) story "The Heat From Beneath" which gave me 11 points to add to the 1st round story (a Romantic Comedy that only got 2 points at 14th place).

So with my 13 point total, I got 8th place overall in my group, which wasn't enough to push me into the next round. Only the top 5 places advanced. The feedback on the story from the three judges was really positive, and I'm working on expanding the story into a full Sci-Fi tale!

Meanwhile, I've signed up for the next NYC Midnight challenge starting in November: the 250-word Microfiction!