Saturday, July 3, 2021

Submitting Short Stories is Addicting

My summer 2021 update is that I'm submitting short stories to publications and contests again--and it feels addictive! I've finally revisited some stories I workshopped pre-pandemic with my old Atlanta writer's group, Decatur Scribes. I've finished the necessary edits and sent away two stories, one to a contest and one to an anthology. I'm finishing a third story to send an online publication this week.

My other news for July is that I'm taking a personal staycation/writer's retreat for 3 days next week. I'll be staying at a nice little VRBO apartment to focus only on writing. I'm making progress on my novel draft with the hope of submitting for the Pitch Wars mentorship contest this year. Here's the info about that if you're interested:

Happy writing, Everyone!