Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Senior Portfolio

In December 2020, I'm completing my Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts with a minor in Creative Writing. Two pages on this website will compromise my final portfolio of both Fiction and Non-Fiction work. 

Statement of Purpose for my Senior Portfolio:

I love blending the Liberal Arts with the Sciences in my writing. I don’t think the two disciplinary areas have to be opposed to each other. I think they have more overlap than some believe. Throughout my college experience, I have gravitated towards blending the Arts and the Sciences. As a Fine Arts major early on, I created abstract paintings using mathematical formulas to choose colors. I was also inspired by the artistic nature of scientific graphs and the interactions between color, line, and hidden meanings. Math, science, and art can all tell stories to an audience. I believe that every discipline has an element of storytelling within it. When I returned to college in my 30s, I chose Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts to learn how to tell stories using knowledge from many disciplines. I picked Creative Writing as my minor because writing fiction helps me to process my world, especially the information I learn and the emotions I experience.

I love to formulate stories to share with an audience. I also love conveying fascinating pieces of scientific knowledge to my audience. Being able to communicate scientific concepts to people through my writing in an entertaining way will be a good use of my interdisciplinary training in a future writing and teaching career. The career paths I see open ahead include high school English/Language Arts teacher, Creative Writing teacher, K-12 Library Media Specialist, and/or published author. Providing critique and editing services for other writers is an additional occupation I could add to this list. I like to write speculative fiction, but I also enjoy writing about the process and craft of storytelling. My portfolio showcases some of my writing samples, from short story excerpts to essays and other research projects.

Fiction Portfolio here:

Non-Fiction Portfolio here:

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