Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Micro Fiction Acceptance! "Raspberried"

I received an acceptance email last Sunday from 101 Words, a site that publishes micro fiction stories that are exactly 101 words long!

I submitted a story to them that I originally started as a poem. But as I've been practicing flash fiction and micro fiction over the last six months, I decided to turn the poem into a teeny tiny story. "Raspberried" is not as speculative as my other fiction stories. It deals with reflections on life and death and, of course, raspberries. My early title for it was "Bury Me With Raspberries" and I use the made-up word 'raspberried' at the end to convey this idea of the homonyms 'berry' and 'bury' that intrigued me.

I'll share the link to the story when it is published!

- Meg